Nominated for the Anglo Gold/Ashanti Awards ? Aardklop 2005

It was described as: "Truly a breathtaking compilation of music, visuals and much more. This has got to be a great first in South Africa. Different? Yes! A new era in music in South Africa? Most definitely yes! A dynamic inspiration for all who dare to experience this! Mel Botes's visual musical production Flight of Bird showcases his rich talent as musician, songwriter and guitarist.  The production is enhanced by video and digital animation."

Imagine yourself in a different world - the world of a bird-like specie! Where dreams and reality are merged into sequences of strange but beautiful occurrences, unknown to the reality of one's mind.

Set in the time between impact and the moment of death in a car accident, the story deals with life and death, good and evil, love and hate, aliens and birds. Abel, a version of Everyman, changes into a bird-like being after the moment of impact and then sets out on a journey of self-discovery, not quite knowing what has happened to him. Left behind in the real world is his true love, Heather. He can see her but she can only see the bird. As he explores his new world, he slowly comes to terms with his condition.

Flight of Bird has been compared to War of the Worlds, it has been called a musical version of Star Wars, it is easily as fantastical as Lord of the Rings, it has the romance of Casablanca and the poetic horror of Apocalypse Now - It is an epic tale of one man's struggle to find his place in a world filled with challenges and adventures - all set to music!  One show at the Atterbury Theatre on 29 October!  Computicket!